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"Close your eyes and you will see everything"
              Bernard Yam
Founder & President

The Human spirit is to be celebrated. Everyday, we find ourselves accomplishing amazing things simply
by using the power of our minds.  We can achieve extraordinary things and overcome incredible
adversities, in awe to our dreams and our visions. Yet, don’t you wonder, since we only use about five
percent of our brain, what it would be like to fully utilize our entire mind?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you could only quit smoking, control your weight,
live without stress and fear, or become more self-confident?

How much more do you think you could accomplish if you could become more focused, or if you could
improve your memory and your learning abilities?

Do you remember those brief intuitive moments when everything becomes clear and life suddenly
becomes meaningful and joyful?

What if we told you there is a key to unlocking your unconscious potential? Would you take the key? Or
just casually let it slip away?

The Key to unlocking your potential is hypnosis, and we, the Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis, will
lead you to that key.

The Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis is dedicated to fully actualizing human potentials through the
use of hypnosis. Our commitment to Research, Education, and Application have given the Institute
unmatched power and influence in the field of hypnotism.
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